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Technology of Purebeau

Even when the first Purebeau equipment was developed, we noticed that in order to perform very fine and precise work, sophisticated hi-tech devices and high-quality materials were of the essence. This is the only way of meeting the highest standards when it comes to quality, hygiene and safety. Purebeau offers different systems that ensure jobs are performed correctly and safely. Another special criterea for all Purebeau equipment is that they are fun to work with. This is provided by the ergonomic and, above all, elegant design – a joy for you and your client.


Reliable technology already begins with the pigmentation needles used. Generally, many other pigmentation systems use imported tattooing needles. They have a slightly bent needle tip and often put too great a strain on the skin. The needles used by Purebeau were developed using the principle of acupuncture needles and are thus very fine and smooth. Skin irritation is reduced to a minimum and the pigmentation colour can be transferred into the skin very finely and accurately. Moreover, Purebeau needles are laser-welded, a process that is very precise and, compared to soldered needles, does not leave any residues on the needles. Purebeau has developed an extensive range of needle types that are perfectly designed for different tasks and requirements. Needle speed Working with specially set needle speeds is another basic requirement to achieve perfect results. Purebeau equipment makes it possible to easily adjust needle speeds to the area to be treated. After many years of research, Purebeau has determined the ideal speeds for the various work processes. This perfectly adapted detail knowledge considerably improves precision and prevents excessive irritation.

Colour Concept

The pigmentation colours used and their correct application (intensity, mixing ratio, subsequent pigment changes in the skin, etc.) pose one of the biggest challenges of pigmentation. This is why PUREBEAU has developed a comprehensive and particularly safe colour management. This includes not only a totally reliable colour system to determine the right colour mixing ratios and applications, but also developing their own high-quality colours including various supplementary products.

The PUREBEAU colour method is absolutely safe and leads to perfect results. This is achieved not only by the pure and very fine colour pigments (Dermatest: very good), but also the sophisticated way of dealing with colours and so-called correctors. Potentially negative influences are spotted beforehand through a well-founded colour analysis of the skin and action to counter these is taken accordingly. The colour spectrum is co-ordinated for all skin types and allows natural correction and perfection. Know-how and talent are vital for anyone wishing to practice in the spirit of the PUREBEAU method. Achieving unconditional cosmetic beauty through permanent make-up requires excellent make-up-artist skills and well-founded familiarity with cosmetics.


PUREBEAU permanent make-up training is carried out on a

very personal and individual basis. The specialist training covers all

the subjects necessary to work independently and flawlessly.

Continuative training courses range from professional training,

retraining, to courses for professional medical pigmentation.

Professional pigmentation experts using other systems are also always

welcome at PUREBEAU. The PUREBEAU community has grown substantially over

the last few years. Perhaps because at PUREBEAU it's all about perfect

pigmentation and not about creating brand-name dependencies

PUREBEAU pigments have been tested for hygiene, quality and are formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and have been awarded the highest marks in Europe.

PUREBEAU products are suitable for the following applications:• medical • pigmentation • micro-pigmentation• fine permanent make-up• tattoos

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